ADVERTISING FEATURE: Triumphing over the past

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NEW BEGINNINGS: Learning how to deal with the symptoms of trauma so that you don’t remain a victim of the experience is important to living an enjoyable life.Traumatic events can affect mental health for years if left unresolved.


We are familiar with the long-term trauma associated with the experiences of war veterans, or first responders.

These events are at the extreme end of the spectrum.

Family and relationship conflicts, grief, serious illness and work conflicts are experiences which can also have long-term effects on mental health.

They can manifest indepression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, phobias and otherlong-term debilitating emotional upsets.

Prince Harry made headlines recently when he went public with grief issues he harboured for nearly two decades after the death of his mother, Princess Diana, and the need for him to be open about these issues in order to move forward with his life.

Learning how to deal with the symptoms of trauma so that you don’t remain a victim of the experience is important to living an enjoyable life, according to Sue Vandenberg from SV Counselling Services.

SV Counselling Services provides mental health nursing, counselling and hypnotherapy to the people of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter region

“Childhood invalidation, abuse –sexual, physicaland emotional – being in unhappy homes …such experiences impact on esteem and how an individual relates to others,” Ms Vandenberg said.

“It sets up that internal language that says “you’re not good enough”, “not lovable”, or that trusted people are going to leave you.

“These sort of thoughts can set peopleup for a lifetime of unhappiness and ongoing lack of success.

“Princes William and Harry have been very involved in joining the effort to destigmatise mental health issues, and helping people realise life doesn’t have to be like that –that there are answers.”

Ms Vandenberg, a credentialled mental health nurse, employs a range of therapies, recognising that managing mental health is a journey.

One of the most effective treatments for the long-term effects of trauma, she believes, is The Richards Trauma Process.

“The Richards Trauma Processis a simple, yet comprehensive, step-by-step process which can achieve results withtrauma and trauma-related issues of PTSD, anxiety, depression, fears and phobias quickly, effectively and safely,” Ms Vandenberg said.

“It uses hypnosis to get past the conscious mind to the automatic, instinctive area of the brain which holds our internal language. We can then empower the person to triumph over the past without reliving the trauma.

“That is really significant, because many people drop out of therapy because they find that it re-traumatises them.”

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