Angry, Angry Man failed to show in MKR grand finals decider

28/09/2019 | 苏州美甲学校 | By admin | 0 Comments

Despite promises and reminders that Tyson has another personality known as “Angry, Angry Man”, the alter ego failed to raise his hot head during the My Kitchen Rules semi-finals, thereby clearing the way for Amy and Tyson to claim victory over David and Betty.


To give David and Betty credit it was a closely scored finish, but when the judges were dishing out compliments such as “divine”, “finesse”, “excellent technique”, “genius” for Amy and Tyson’s experimental food it was clear that the stronger cooks had won.

“What I want to talk about are your use of spices, which for me were just incredibly brilliant, original, perfect and I just love seeing something like that done,” said guest judge Liz Egan. “I’ve waited a while to see that.”

Some clever editing by MKR producers suggested that Amy and Tyson may have been far more challenged in their cook than what actually occurred, yet the episode was not disappointing for loyal fans since both teams delivered delicious dishes. It was just that Amy and Tyson clearly showcased more technique.

“David and Betty are strong but we are stronger,” Tyson laid claim early, and rightly so.

“We know we have taken on a lot but it wouldn’t be us there [on the dish] by playing it safe,” said Amy.

But it was not long into the cook of entree that mention of Angry, Angry Man cropped up as Tyson showed signs of stress.

“The pressure for the semi finals is insane,” Tyson told the cameras. “I’m just trying to remember that I’m cooking with Amy and if Angry, Angry Man comes out I’ll let her down so I just try and stay calm. Couple of deep breaths and just get through the cook. Swearing helps.”

And that was that. Bye, bye Angry, Angry Man.

David and Betty’s entree of Vietnamese sugarcane prawns were Colin Fassnidge’s “dish of the day” and indicated to Pete Evans that they “have made this a battle”, yet Amy and Tyson’s squab (pigeon) with kale, almonds and onion cream was perfect.

Both teams “dropped the ball” on mains, David and Betty more so because their Asian take on a traditional Sunday roast using twice cooked pork belly did “not gel together properly” for Manu Feildel. The greatest compliment they got was Ms Egan’s desire to borrow their kimchi recipe. “That nashi with the kimchi, fabulous idea. I am definitely going to copy that.”

The siblings really showcased duck and turnip for main, with the only criticism being their duck breast. It should have been left off the plate as it was slightly overcooked after Tyson decided to char the skin over fears the breast pieces had rested too long and the skin had gone soft. #NoBiggie

Finally it came down to dessert and David and Betty were automatically at a disadvantage since Asian desserts have rarely amazed Western palates.

“I think David and Betty have shown that desserts are potentially their weaker dishes. They do quite well with their savouries because they can pack a lot of flavour in there, so I’m hoping we can get one up on the for our dessert,” said Amy.

Yet Betty’s childhood dessert of mango sorbet with sticky rice did her mother’s recipe justice (#InstagramWorthy), if only the sticky rice had not dried out.

“With this dessert we wanted to end on a high, so we definitely wanted to show off that we can actually do dessert, hey bro?” a proud Betty confided in David before their time ended on MKR.

The judges sent them on their social media way with a score of 49 out of 60, just two points shy of Amy and Tyson, telling them that they “should be proud”. As Manu put it, “#Respect”.