Jarrod James Coughtrie pleads guilty after $100K cocaine find

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Newcastle Courthouse. A CHARLESTOWN man has pleaded guilty to a serious drug supply charge –which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in jail –after police found more than $100,000 worth of cocaine in his car last year.


Jarrod James Coughtrie, 31, appeared in Newcastle Local Court on Wednesday via audio visual link from theMetropolitan Remand and Reception Centre where he pleaded guilty to supplying a commercial quantity of a prohibited drug.

Lake Macquarie police were conducting physical and electronic surveillance on a number of alleged drug suppliers when they spotted Coughtrie meet with another man at the Edgeworth Tavern on September 22 last year, according to a statement of facts, which the court heard had not yet been agreed upon between the parties.

Coughtrie was being watched as he got out of his car, had a conversation with another man and was handed a pink plastic bag.

Police followed him as he drove from Edgeworth to Charlestown before pulling him over in Dudley Road about 1.50pm, court documents state.

“I’m f—ed, there’s drugs in there,” Coughtrie told police, according to the statement of facts.

“In the back on the floor in a pink bag. “Youse are going to find it anyway.”

When asked how much cocaine was in his car, Coughtrie replied: “A fair bit. “I’m f—ed. “I don’t normally carry that much.”

A search of the car revealed two shopping bags containing two plastic resealable bags, which had white powdery substances in them.After he was arrested and cautioned by police, Coughtrie told them: “It’s coke. “I don’t normally do this. “I hate this stuff.”The drugs were later weighed at Belmont police station and came to a total of 420grams, court documents state.

An analysis of the drugs revealed the first bag contained 280 grams of cocaine with 75percent purity, while the second bag contained 140grams of cocaine with a 71 per cent purity.

“The street value of the drug is estimated at more than $100,000,” a police statement says.

The matter was adjourned to Newcastle District Court on May 4 to a set a date for sentence.