Larrikin lyrics: MP calls for ‘Australian values’ verse in national anthem

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George Christensen Federal Member for Dawson for the LNP at Abell Point Marina at Airlie Beach on Wednesday 2 November 2016 for GoodWeekend EMBARGOED FOR GOOD WEEKEND, DEC 3/16 ISSUE. Photo: Andrew MearesA Turnbull government MP has called for the addition of a new verse to the national anthem outlining Australian values.


Andrew Laming, the Liberal member for the Brisbane seat of Bowman, suggested the lyrics should reflect Australians’ larrikinism, resilience and sense of reward for effort.

“I think that the only way national anthems can distinguish themselves is through their values, and I do feel our current second verse has pretty much the same message as the first verse,” Mr Laming told Fairfax Media on Tuesday.

The first verse was primarily about the beauty of the land, while the second verse dealt with people coming from overseas and “how much space we have”, he said.

Instead, he suggested “a first verse that focuses on our natural attributes and a second one that focuses on values”.

The new lyrics should also reflect our “jocular sense of humour”, how we “come from blends of many backgrounds”, and how Australia is “a young nation”, he said. iFrameResize({resizedCallback : function(messageData){}},”#pez_iframe_tipstar_318″);

But the idea was not embraced by his Queensland LNP colleague George Christensen, who said: “I think the national anthem is just fine as it is, along with the flag.”

The dramatic Anzac Day suggestion follows Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s revamp of the Australian citizenship test to focus on “Australian values”, announced last week.

Under the changes, prospective citizens may be quizzed on their views on such issues as whether it is ever acceptable to hit a woman, and female genital mutilation.

A consultation is under way on how to define those values, but Mr Turnbull identified them broadly as freedom, the rule of law, equality of men and women, and democracy.

“Australia really has to be a nation famous for its freedoms,” Mr Laming said on Tuesday. “But if anyone transgresses or takes them for granted then I think people are very quick to be critical of that.”

Mr Laming, a former social media adviser to the Coalition, courted controversy in January when he suggested teachers were lazy because of the long break they had over summer.

He said Advance Australia Fair was the result of a “song competition” and should perhaps be replaced with something more “representative of today”.

“I’m no great fan of our current national anthem, to be honest,” Mr Laming said. “If you’re going to contemplate a new verse you should contemplate a new national anthem.”

Advance Australia Fair became the national anthem in 1984, seven years after it beat Waltzing Matilda, Song of Australia and the incumbent God Save the Queen in a national vote.

Written by Scottish teacher Peter Dodds McCormick, it was first performed in Sydney in 1878.

Mr Laming said the song had at times included numerous alternative verses which had dropped in and out over the years.

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