VIDEO: Kim Churchill opens up about the difficult recording of Weight Falls

VIDEO: Kim Churchill opens up about the difficult recording of Weight Falls

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WELCOMED: Kim Churchill and his band performing at The Gum Ball music festival last Saturday. Pictures: Noel PlummerWHEN Kim Churchill first arrived at Maitland’s Grand Junction Hotel as a fresh-faced teenager armed with his guitar, he instantly felt at home.


At the time the Merimbula-raised surf-folk rocker had rarely performed beyond the NSW south coast. That night Churchill was supporting blues guitar wizard Jeff Lang. Among “The Junkyard” punters wereThe Gum Ball festival founder Matt Johnston and his now wife Jessica.

Churchill has since played at the Johnstons’ Dashville festival at Lower Belford multiple times, including last Saturday where he launched his new single Breakneck Speed.

The 26-year-old has forged such a close bond with the Johnstons andother members of the Junkyard’s music community, that last year hechose to end his nomadic lifestyle and settle atBar Beach.

Churchill describes the vintage pub near the Maitland train station as a “second home.”

SINGLE THEORY: Kim Churchill released his new track Breakneck Speed last week.

“I found I was accepted in a way I had never been in my life before,” Churchill tells Weekender backstage at The Gum Ball.“I felt like I had found my people.

“We’ve never looked back and have become closer and closer.”

Churchill’s star has been on the rise sincethe success of his fourth album Silence/Win, which produced breakthrough singles Single Spark and Window To The Sky. The latter was his debut entry in the Triple J Hottest 100 at No.42 in 2014.

While 2014 was undoubtedly the greatest 12 months of the bubbly musician’s career, the subsequent years have been challenging.

Kim Churchill talks to Josh LeesonThe growth in his profilehas led to greater pressure and expectation. Work on album No.5 has been problematic. Renowned as aperfectionist, Churchillspent 18 months working on the album. It wasalmost finished when he decided itcouldn’t be released.

“We sat down, me and my team, in Sydney and there’s the phrase going around you can’t polish a turd, which is what I began to hope to achieve,” he says. “But you can dip it in glitter, so a lump of money was whacked down the table to start re-mixing the album.

“It made me feel uncomfortable and I realised in that moment if we’re all on the samepage in feeling that the material wasn’t quite right then bugger it, I’ll write more songs. I know how to do that. I’ve always known how to writesongs, that’s fine.”

Kim ChurchillWeight Falls.

“It was like this enormous weight fell off me and it was incredible,” he says.“It was the most wonderful and liberating feeling.”

The first single Breakneck Speed hit the airwaves last week and is already becoming a hit on Triple J.

The response Churchill received last week from the Gum Ball audience also bodes well for the album’s success when it’s released in August.

Breakneck Speed features an epic intro reminiscentof Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s ‘80s classic Relax before it breaks into pumping brass section.

That track was actually one of the only survivors from Churchill’s abandoned album. Initially he didn’t want the song included.

“The record label heard the new album and said they loved it, but they felt it’s missing this track,” he says.“I said,‘oh man, that track?’I went into the studio for three weeks and changed the lyrics and worked on it, polished the turd one might say, but it came up pretty good.

“It was a leap of faith. I trust my label. They’re very experienced, good and incredible music listeners and appreciators and so when they say something like that, I try it.

“It worked and there’s other songs they want me to look at in the future, so I think it’ll all probably crop up at one point, but it wasn’t right for that moment.”

Churchill’s songwriting has also developed greatly from his days when he wowed Bluesfest audiences with his virtuosofolk and blues guitar playing. These days Churchill favours melodies over theatrics.

“Back in my teens I was more of a busker, almost a bit of a novelty in terms of the one-man band thing,” he says.“I was very focused on fancy guitar work and that sort of stuff.

“These days it’s much more about the songs. On this new album for the first time it’s about the beats as well.

“I did a lot of it with just me tapping on a floor tom withan iPad like a garage band making beats.

“That opened up a whole world formy awkward lolloping rhythms that are built around my acoustic guitar. I’d never recorded or demoed on an iPad, so such a funny little thing opened up such an awesomeworld for my music.”

At The Gum Ball last Saturday night Churchill played just his third show with his new two-man band. No stone was left unturned in preparation.

“It’s been full on,” Churchill says of the rehearsals.“I’ve been bringing them up to Newcastle to a little garage where we can rehearse three days a week, eight to 12 hours a day.

“With the beats I was layering on a lot of floor toms and snare, but there’s not any real drums. We didn’t want to lose that by getting a real drummer, so we’ve got two drummers with much smaller set-ups and I always layer harmonies as well.”

ViewJosh Leeson’s video interview with Kim Churchillbehind the scenes at the Gum Ball Festival at theherald广州桑拿网广州桑拿论坛


Anzac Day 2017: Two-up in Maitland

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Punters hit the pubs for Anzac Day two-up | Photos ANZAC DAY: Two-up at The Family Hotel in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll


ANZAC DAY: Two-up at The Family Hotel in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at The Family Hotel in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at The Family Hotel in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at Shenanigans in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at The Family Hotel in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at The Family Hotel in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at The Family Hotel in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at The Family Hotel in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at The Family Hotel in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

ANZAC DAY: Two-up at The Family Hotel in Maitland. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

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facebookSHAREtwitterTWEETemailwhatsappcommentCommentsHeads or tails – it was the game of two-up that wrapped-upAnzac Day in the Hunter.


Spinner:Tosses coins.

Boxer:Manages game and betting. Cannot bet.

Ring:Circle for game.

Kip:Flat paddle of wood about 20cm long. Coins are placed on before toss — one with head facing up, the other with tail up.

Heads:Both coins land inside ring with heads up.

Tails:Both coins land with tails facing up.

Odds:One coin shows a head and the other a tail.

Odding Out:Spinning five “odds” in a row, ending spinner’s run.

Come in Spinner:Call given by boxer after all bets have been placed and spinner can toss.

Cockatoo:Lookout who watched for police when two-up was still illegal.


Jakarta governor Ahok invokes Finding Nemo in blasphemy trial defence

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Jakarta: Beleaguered outgoing Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama has revealed an unexpected source of inspiration as he fights allegations of insulting Islam: a small clownfish called Nemo.


A week after losing the gubernatorial election to former education minister Anies Baswedan, the maverick governor known to all as Ahok mounted a typically unorthodox and allegorical defence in his blasphemy trial in the North Jakarta District Court.

He told of inviting kindergarten children to watch a scene from the animated film Finding Nemo in his office last April after they asked him: “Why are you going against the current, against everybody?”

“I explained the moral message of the movie,” Ahok said. “If you swim upward, you will go into the net. Most fish swim upward. So Nemo must swim against the current. It is the same.

“We must go against the current. Although many are dishonest, it’s fine, as long as we keep being honest. It does not matter if no one says thanks for what we have done for them.”

Ahok, who is Christian and ethnically Chinese, is on trial for allegedly insulting Islam.???The blasphemy allegations, which many analysts believe were trumped up, spring from reckless comments he made to fishermen from the Jakarta regency of Thousand Islands in September last year.

Ahok told the fishermen that clerics had used verse 51 of a sura, or chapter, of the Koran called al-Maida – which some people interpret to mean that Muslims should not be led by non-Muslims – to “deceive” them into not voting for him.

The allegations and subsequent blasphemy trial proved catastrophic for his re-election bid despite polls showing that Jakartans were overwhelmingly satisfied with the reformist governor’s performance in office.

Ahok was defeated on April 19 following an ugly sectarian campaign and widespread anti-Chinese vilification. He faces a maximum four years’ jail, although prosecutors have not requested that he be imprisoned.

In their sentence demand, delivered a day after Ahok’s greater-than-anticipated loss in the election, prosecutors said they accepted he did not intend to blaspheme against any religion.

They asked that he be given two years’ probation for the lesser charge of inciting hostility against a group of people.

Ahok said poet Goenawan Mohamad, the former editor-in-chief of investigative magazine Tempo, had written that he was a victim of slander.

“He did not insult Islam, but the charge had been continuously repeated. If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes ‘the truth,’ the Nazi’s propaganda chief used to say,” Goenawan wrote.

“We hear it at mosques, in social media, in everyday conversations; the allegation has been turned into a conviction.”

Ahok said his only intention when addressing the fishermen that fateful day in September was to encourage them to participate in a fishery program.

No doubt Ahok hopes the judges will be as persuaded of his arguments as the kindergarten children apparently were of his Finding Nemo morality lesson.

“After that the kindergarten children clapped their hands,” Ahok told the court. “Their applause was a consolation for me to continue doing what is right, just like Nemo the fish. If one asks: ‘Who are you?’ I would say I am just like the little Nemo fish amid Jakartans to help the poor. Although I was insulted, because of my faith I just keep working.”

Anies Baswedan will take over as governor in October.

The judges will deliver their verdict and sentencing in Ahok’s blasphemy trial on May 9.

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Sydney FC marquee closing in on new deal

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Sydney FC marquee striker Bobo is understood to be close to securing his future with the club, having agreed in principle to sign a new contract for next season.


Fairfax Media understands the Brazilian striker is happy to remain with Sydney for another season and while contract talks will be finalised after the season is completed, Bobo has already indicated his willingness to accept a new offer from the club. The 32-year-old former Besiktas, Gremio and Corinthians centre-forward is enjoying a strong finish to his first season in the A-League having struck 15 goals already for Sydney FC, becoming their second-highest goal scorer for a single season.

Sydney are determined to keep him as their marquee for a second year after his impressive role in their march towards the A-League premiership and Bobo is set to accept their offer, which will formally be signed off before the players go on their end-of-season break.

Bobo is set to play his first A-League finals game when Sydney FC host Perth Glory at Allianz Stadium on Saturday night and has no concerns over the Western Australians’ overly physical style of defending. Their central defender Dino Djulbic was inspiring with a commanding yet rigorous performance in their 2-0 elimination finals victory over Melbourne City last week. Bobo says he’s accustomed to being marked by defenders of Djulbic’s style and holds no fears of the physicality of the A-League, having spent nine seasons playing in the notoriously rough Turkish Super Lig.

“It’s not a problem, I am used to it,” Bobo said via a translator. “It doesn’t impress me because in Turkey, it’s pretty rough as well. It isn’t different from how the game is played outside of Australia in the rest of the world.”

His comments follow suggestions teams may be resorting to overly physical defending in an attempt to nullify Sydney’s attacking and creative outlets, after Milos Ninkovic was a victim to a dangerous tackle from Ben Kantarovski in round 27. The Serbian midfielder escaped serious injury and is free to play against Perth.

Sydney have enjoyed considerable success over Perth this season, winning all four games in the league and cup, scoring 13 and conceding just two. However, Bobo expects the Western Australians to be far stronger, having won three games in a row and keeping a clean sheet last week.

“They have a good team and that’s why they’re in the semi-finals. We just have to be focused and keep doing what we’ve been doing to win,” he said.


How a typo could spare new Sydney MP a police investigation

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A new MP could have escaped a police investigation for swearing an incorrect statutory declaration because of a simple typo.


Phil Walker, a concerned citizen who says he is not a member of any political party, made a report at North Sydney Police Station earlier this month about Felicity Wilson, the new state MP for the seat of North Shore.

Ms Wilson recently admitted she signed an incorrect statutory declaration in the preselection race for that plum Liberal seat after Fairfax Media revealed inconsistencies in claims about her residential history.

But Mr Walker says he was since told that police would not investigate a possible breach of the Oaths Act 1900 because the form the MP signed included a typographical error when recounting the legislation’s date.

“There is no Oaths Act 1990,” Mr Walker said he was told. “It’s on the wrong form therefore we don’t have to investigate it.”

Mr Walker is a retired builder from Mona Vale who says he was moved to act by the memory of a case he was involved in decades ago where charges were dropped against a local councillor who had embellished qualifications on nomination forms.

“I’ve never forgotten that,” he said. “Politicians have to tell the truth.”

Ms Wilson claimed to have lived in the electorate for 10 years on her nomination form for the seat, a form that was also labelled a statutory declaration.

The electoral roll and internal Liberal party records variously linked Ms Wilson to addresses in the eastern suburbs and Lindfield at points across five of the past 12 years, with another three not accounted for.

Ms Wilson undertook to submit a fresh declaration to the party following questions from Fairfax Media. “At the time of writing my nomination form I believed it to be true,” she told Fairfax Media at the time. “However, upon further reflection I have since realised that figure is not accurate.”

Mr Walker says he provided police with a copy of Ms Wilson’s statutory declaration and relevant references for the electoral roll.

A spokeswoman for the NSW Police said the documentation it had seen was not a statutory declaration under the Act and it had no evidence of an offence.

Late last week Mr Walker lodged another complaint, this time making a virtue of the typo and asking police to investigate whether the nomination form was a document purporting to be an affidavit, another potential breach of the Act.

Making a false statutory declaration can carry serious penalties and is legally tantamount to perjury.

But Professor Alex Steel from the UNSW Law School has told Fairfax Media that prosecution of such offences is complicated by a requirement to prove that inaccurate information was provided deliberately and with the knowledge it was wrong to do so.


NRL: Jaelen Feeney gets shot at halfback for Knights as Trent Hodkinson’s future becomes increasingly uncertain

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PROMOTED: Jaelen Feeney will start at halfback for the Knights against the Gold Coast Titans on Saturday. Picture: Max Mason-HubersAFTER making his NRL debut at fullback and filling holes at centre, five-eighth and hooker, Jaelen Feeney will finally wear the Knights No.7 jumper as the future of captain Trent Hodkinson becomes increasingly clouded.


Hodkinson has been left out of the squad to take on the Gold Coast Titans at Cbus Super Stadium on Saturday, and instead will leadthe reserve grade side against the Wests Tigers at Leichhardt on the same day.

It is the second straight week the former Origin playmaker has been omitted from the 21-man squad.

Hodkinson,28, is contracted to Newcastle until the end of 2018and, other than suspended Jarrod Mullen, is their highest-paid player.

Could Jaelen Feeney be set to play bigger role for @NRLKnights against @[email protected]广州桑拿网/EbmiBpZb6l

— James Gardiner (@JamesGardiner42) April 25, 2017

Coach Nathan Brown was reluctant to comment on Hodkinson’s playing future on Tuesday.

“Can we move on to the next topic please,” he said.

Sione Mata’utiapartnered rookie Bock Lamb in the halves in the 24-12 loss to the Cowboys last round.

Feeney played 20 minutes off the bench alongside Lamb in a performance that was enough toconvince Brown to promote the 22 year old to the starting side.

“Jaelen isdefinitely putting hishand up,” Brown said on Tuesday before the team was named.“When he came on the field the other day, he was very good. He is getting close to an opportunity, that is for sure.”

Feeney started five games last season. He made an inauspicious debut at fullback before being used as a stop-gap measure at centre, five-eighth and hooker.

The tall pivot has played exclusively at halfback in reserve grade this season.His inclusion is one of two changes to the starting side.Luke Yates comes in at lock for an injured Mitch Barnett.

Barnett faces up to eight weeks on the sideline with a ankle injury.

The 23-year-old work horse, who has been the Knights best forward, was on crutches and in a CAM boot on Tuesday and said he could require surgery.

“We will know a bit more in the next day or so,” Brown said.“It is definitely a six to eightweek injury, maybe worse.”

Barnett’s injury continues a start to the season in which Dylan Phythian (knee), Rory Kostjasyn (throat), Pauli Pauli (hip) and Jamie Buhrer (knee) have suffered major problems.

“We have had a little bit of a bad run or late and to people who are quite important to us,” Brown said.“It is a tough game rugby league.”

On the plus side English back-rower Joe Wardle returns from an ankle problem on the bench.The Knights beat an injury-ravaged Titans at McDonald Jones Stadium in round two to end a 19-game losing streak.

“The Gold Coast side will be stronger this week,” Brown warned. “They have a few of their good experienced players back.”


TheatreA killer of a birthdayKen Longworth

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FOOTLICE Theatre Company is celebrating its 30th birthday with a production of the first full-length play its members wrote and staged, an amusing send-up of Agatha Christie-style murder mysteries called The Golden Antelope.


The actors include three of the original cast members: Fiona Mundie, Merilyn Hey, and Brian Birkefeld, who also co-wrote the comedy with Chris Fletcher. Hey directs, a role she also had in the first production.

The Golden Antelope will be staged at the Unorthodox Church of Groove in Newcastle West from May 5 to 13.

Footlice Theatre Company, originally known as Footlice Comedy Theatre, was formed by Newcastle University graduates who had been members of university revues staged by Merilyn Hey from 1984. Hey revived the revues, which had not been presented since 1969, after becoming the university’s activities officer in 1983, following a three-year stint with Hunter Valley Theatre Company as actor and stage manager.

In its three decades, Footlice has presented only locally written and devised works. And many have won acclaim beyond the Hunter.

Brian Birkefeld noted that The Golden Antelope was placed on a secondary schools reading list in Tasmania 15 years ago, and that it had been staged in Sydney and New Zealand.

The playis set in an English rural mansion in the 1920s, with the family head, Lord Oxencart, dying without leaving a will and the family mystified by the disappearance of his precious title heirloom.

And, as more deaths occur and are obviously the work of a murderer, a police inspector and his assistant come to the mansion, but their presence doesn’t stop the bodies falling.

The cast includes Alastair Anderberg, Brian Birkefeld, Michael Blaxland, Sonja Davis, Merilyn Hey, Jan Hunt, Fiona Mundie, Oliver Pink and Malcolm Young, with some playing multiple roles.

Merilyn Hey is repeating the role of the family’s Aunt Maud, which was written for her. But Fiona Mundie and Brian Birkefeld play different characters this time. In the first show Mundie was the disaffected Oxencart daughter, Marcia. Now she doubles as mystic clairvoyant, Madame Oracle, and the inspector’s assistant, Felicity Bainbridge. Birkefeld was the family’s gardener, Bob, and a bearded woman, Jessica Piebald. He’s again doubling, as butler Winston Appleyard and a mysterious Indian visitor, Vindaloo Mukkahukkarajihab.

Performances are at 8pm on Fridays, May 5 and 12, and on Saturdays, May 6 and 13. The Unorthodox Church of Groove is at 3 Tudor Street.

Tickets, which are$20 and concession $15)can be bought by emailing [email protected]广州桑拿网.

GOLDEN CAST: Left to right (at rear) Fiona Mundie, Oliver Pink, Alastair Anderberg; front: Sonja Davis, Jan Hunt, Merilyn Hey.


Eels will only take Hayne back on their terms – and less money

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Jarryd Hayne and Nathan Peats will need to take significant pay cuts if they are any chance of returning to Parramatta next season.


The Gold Coast pair have been linked to a return to the blue and golds but are yet to make a call on their futures. Peats is off contract, while Hayne is yet to trigger a one-year, $1.2 million option to remain on the holiday strip next year. Fairfax Media revealed that representatives for the cross-code star have reached out to the Eels about a potential homecoming as he approaches the May deadline to take up the Titans’ offer.

The Eels priority is a hooker rather than a fullback, particularly if Isaac De Gois is forced into premature retirement due to ongoing ill effects from concussion. Peats, forced out of the club due to the salary cap scandal, would need to significantly lower his asking price from the $600k-plus his manager is currently seeking.

Parramatta also wouldn’t entertain a Hayne homecoming on the money he is currently earning. Officials are still scarred about the way in which he left, released with a year remaining on his contract, to pursue his NFL dream. The relationship was further strained after Hayne opted for the Titans over the Eels following his 49ers stint, not improved by his comments regarding the time it took to table him a reasonable offer.

If Hayne was to return, it would be on Parramatta’s terms rather than his. The Eels have already found a suitable fullback replacement in youngster Bevan French, meaning the NSW star would likely have to slot into the centres. Club powerbrokers would want Hayne to demonstrate that he is prepared to fit in with the team rather than the other way around.

Kirisome Auva’a, currently holding down a centre spot alongside Michael Jennings, said he would leave it to club officials to make a call on ‘The Plane’.

“He’s a great player and if he does come it would be great for the team and especially the fans,” Auva’a said.

“They seem to love him out in the west. Whether it does come true, we’ll have to wait and see.

“We’ve got two good fullbacks at the minute, with Gutho [Clint Gutherson] playing at the back and Bevvy due back in a few weeks time. We’ll see what happens there.”

Eels co-captain Beau Scott played down the possibility of reuniting with his former NSW teammate.

“No disrespect to Jarryd, but we’ve got a great squad here,” Scott said. “We’ve got a great fullback who is injured at the moment. We’re just looking forward to him lobbing on the paddock at the moment.

“Bevan has been great so far. Obviously it’s disappointing that he’s injured so early in the year, but that’s part of the game.”

Titans coach Neil Henry insisted he was neither worried by the approach to the Eels or how ongoing speculation might affect Hayne’s form after he put in a man-of-the-match display on return match from injury against Cronulla on Saturday.

“He [Hayne] can do it and as [Titans chief executive] Graham Annesley said, he’s got the option his way – it’s up to him to exercise that,” Henry said.

“If his manager is doing his job canvassing any options out there for Jarryd to play football, then he has to weigh up our offer against whatever else he can do.”

Hayne, 29, has until the end of next month to decide whether to take up the option to leave the Gold Coast, and Henry accepts speculation will continue until then.

“I hope he stays here,” Henry said. “He showed glimpses of what he could do last weekend and I think he’s been out in public saying he’s got a desire to play rep football.

“He knows to do that he needs to be playing good football.”

???With AAP


Q & A with Julie Goodwin, the first winner of MasterChef

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Essentially good: Central Coast celebrity and chef Julie Goodwin has a new cookbook on the market. JulieGoodwin, the first winner of Australian MasterChef,is a rarity: a former reality lifestyleshow contestant who continued on an ascending career. There’s been no looking back since her sweet victory,with multiple books, magazine columns and now an in-demand cooking school, all while juggling a family.


Her new book Essential Cookbook Recipes (Hachette Publishing) is simple. It even gives instruction on how to boil an egg. Here is aninterview Weekender conducted with her.

What is the secret of your success?

Gosh, Ican only do what Ido with the people around me, family and the people who help me organise my calendar, everyone of my colleagues or publicists, including the staff in my cooking school.

What are yourMasterChef memories?

I had been watching the UK version, which was civilised and so British (laughs), but Itruly didn’t know what it was going to involve, especially as Ihad three small children and a family business. If Ihad of known Ihad to live out of home for months it might not have happened, but I’m kind of glad Idid apply now (laughs). It was an incredible intense scary experience, fun and inspiring, rewarding all at once. To win was an enormous privilege that came with great opportunities and experiences, just fantastic for the whole family.

What are a couple of your favourite recipes in your new book?

If talking about easiness it starts with the basic building blocks of cooking, from scrambling orboiling an egg all that kind of stuff. Highlighting different cuts of meat for different purposes. My favourite things in any of my books are the things you put all ingredients into a pot, put it on the table for all to share. Things like osso buco or apricot chicken tagine, big hearty family food.

Are you telling me there are people who cannot boil an egg?

Yes totally! Absolutely there is. If you can’t cook at all this book is the perfect go-to. Even if you can cook there aresome really great ideas in there that are my family or friendsapproved.

Does your family ever cook for you?

Indeed, life is busy so my husband and sons pitch in. As a basic life skill Ithink people should teach children how to cook.

Are you happy that many fast-food establishments provide so-called healthier options?

It’s a little bit tricky because they offer the healthy options to look, good but how many people truly walk into a fast-food outlet and order the salad. You still go in and order the burger, right. Healthy food doesn’t have to be boring. If you’re cooking from scratch you can make the adjustment you need to make for your own health requirements or taste. Nothing wrong with a hamburger you make at home with lean meat, fresh vegetables or salads. You decide not to put on four pieces of bacon, eggs, a block of cheese. It’s about making your own decisions knowing what your eating. Some places have make-your-ownthat’s different, but generally fast-food outlets have offset healthy ingredients with unseen unhealthy like sauces or dressings. Healthy food is food that allows you to make your own choice.

Tell us about your cooking school.

It’s called Julie’s Place in North Gosford and we run recreational classes on a variety of dishes. Recently we did a French feast with, among other things, how to create asouffle, then we sat down and enjoyed it all with a glass of French champagne or wine. We do corporate events or function catering. Upcoming classes include Indian feast and Thai feast. It’s a pleasure to teach one and all.

Do you ever run out of recipes?

Everywhere Ilook, everywhere Igo, everything Ieat provides inspiration for new ideas. Honestly, Idon’t know as the world is a big place withlots of cuisines I’ve never tasted or cooked. You know Ihaven’t looked much into Polish food, so that is definitely on my radar. Also Scandinavian, too, after having fish with a friend once – it was really interesting and different.

When you eat other people’s food do you secretly rate them or yell out an open opinion?

(Laughs) No. How rude would that be. If somebody goes to the trouble tocook for me I’m extremely grateful and blessed.

Have you ever thought about ‘Julie’s Food Truck’?

Your read my mind.Certainly we would love to bring the food to the people in a fun way, only if Ihad thetime.Maybe one day.

What makes your cookbooks stand out from the others?

In all my books the commitment is to have success with the recipes, easy to find ingredients, understanding the method. If you follow the steps you will get the food you’relooking for.


Old Aussie names

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Bring back the old Aussie names A Shane Warne cartoon.


Shane Warne.

Tracy Grimshaw.

Terry Lamb.

Former Newcastle MP Sharon Grierson.

Barry Humphries.

Wayne Bennett.

Madge and Harold from Neighbours.

Steve Moneghetti.

Kylie Minogue.

Peter or Poida.

Don Bradman.

Max Walker.

Cheryl Kernot.

Doug Walters.

Darren Lehmann.

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facebookSHAREtwitterTWEETemailwhatsappWhat’s in a name, eh? Quite a bit, surely.

We couldn’t help but notice aHeraldstory on Saturday about the top baby names in NSW.

Olivia and Oliver topped the list, followed by Charlotte and William, Amelia and Jack and Ava and Noah.

All good names.

As we know, there’s also a trend in “unique” names. We’re talking about names like: Alivia, Alize, Ash-Leigh, Ashtyn, Bacardee, Beejay, Blayde, Bylinda, Caprice, Coopa, Deklyn, Danyella, Ebonni, Elease, Enessa, Exavier, Feebi, Halee, Harmoni, Harisyn, Izak, Jakxsen, Jarren, Jazlyn, Jessykah, Justyn, Jorja,Kendrew, Kiranda, Kortnee, Laken, Mystique, Nevaeh (heaven spelt backwards), Phelicity, Rhyannon, Rylee, Rybekkah, Samuyl, Skyelah, Timiny,Wyliumm and Zyler.

We’re not judging these names. We’re really not.All we’re saying is, we miss the old-school names.

We’re talking about Kevin (Kev), Trevor (Trev), Sharon (Shazza), Karen (Kazza), Kylie (Kyles) and Cheryl (Chezza).

We think Australia has lost a bit of its identity with the loss of these names.It’s such a waste. So many great names are being wiped from history.

We used to love Darren (Dazza), Wayne (Wayno), Warren (Wazza), David (Davo), Barry (Bazza), Gary (Gazza), Terry (Tezza), Larry (Lazza), Ian (shout-out to Kirky) and Eric (Ecca).

How could we ever forget Tracey (Trace), Stacey (Stace), Kelly (Kell), Cathleen (Cathy),Rebecca (Bec) andChristine.

There’s the formal James (who became Jim and Jimbo) andRobert (who became Rob, Bob, Bobby and even Bobbo).

We fondly recall Shane (Shayno), Steve (Stevo),Peter (Poida), Lance (Lancey boy) and Greg (Greggo).

Don’t forgetLyn, Debbie, Sue, Carol, Janet, Charlene, Charmaine and Raelene.

Goingfurther back in time, we hadBeryl, Hazel, Madge, Dorothy, Beverley (Bev), Betty, Shirley andJoyce (Joycie).

How about classics like Doreen, Noreen and Maureen.Or Noelene, Pauline, Mary, Anne, Alice, Edith, Edna, Daphne, Helen, Gwen, June, Margaret and Nancy.

For the blokes, we had Donald (think Bradman), Des (Dezzie), Douglas (Dougie), Max (Maxie), Reg(Reggie), Jack (astayer), George, Harold, Richard (Dick), Albert, Alfred, Cyril, Cecil, Neville (Nev), Nigel (Nige), Percival (Percy), Gordon (Gordo), Ronald (Ronnie) and Warwick (Wazza).

We’re calling on all pending parents to have a good think about restoring these names to the fold. After all, it’s our history. Go Straya!

Hot and Cold

Hot Days: Newcastle Ocean Bath back in the day.

We wrote on Saturday about Elaine Darby’s memories of Carrington back to the Great Depression.

Elaine, 81, recalled summers of Carrington’s past.

“When I was young, it was a lot hotter than it is now,” she said, despite the science of climate change.

And nowadays she also reckons winter doesn’t get as cold as it once did.

Edgeworth’s Geoff Masters agrees.

Geoff, 72, emailed us to say: “She is correct when she says in those days,and even into the late‘50s, it was hotter in summer and a lot colder in winter than it is now”.

“It does make us wonder just where, or who, took these records that science speaksabout now, with their talk of the climate getting hotter,” he said.

“You have a hot day now and again, but in the past you got these hot spells and they went on for weeks.

“Some afternoons around 4pm to 6pm, you would have a tremendous thunderstorm that would drop the temperature by 10 to 15 degrees very quickly.

“On many nights, I slept outside on the lawn in an attempt to get a breeze that would allow me to sleep.

“When others speak of the heat or the cold, I always have a giggle to myself and say under my breath, ‘brother, you don’t know what hot or cold is’.

“Elaine has one in agreement with her. Make that two–my wife also agrees.”

Annoying Things

Reader Dawn has responded to our call for examples of annoying things.

“It annoys me thattoast take so long.”

At the risk of sounding impatient, we’re not going todisagree with that.

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