Top travel tips for your next short trip

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A holiday can be a regenerating timeas you come down from the stressof modern life and relax into what feels like endless days to fill upas you wish – or not fillat all!

But we don’t always have the luxury of taking an extended period of time off to jet overseas andwe don’t always need to do so to get that same recharged feeling.

Taking a short trip within Australiacan provide all the magic of a long holiday without the hefty price tag that overseas travel can attract. Between ourwhite sand beaches,our spectacular national parksand our rolling wine country, there’s something local to tickle every taste.

Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory

But if you’ve ever headed home from a short trip feeling like you’d just begun, it’s time to get travel-savvy. There are simple hacks you can use to get the most out of your next short trip away.

1. Getting thereSkyscanner recently researched more than 250 million flight prices out of Sydney over the last three years and crunched the data to revealthe best time to book. Cheapest months to flyinclude May and November, while booking your domestic flight 13 weeks in advance typically yields the cheapest results.

Consider limiting your baggage to only carry-on to decrease wait times and streamline your airport experience. Packing everything you think you need into a small carry-on case can be daunting at first –but there are some easy rules to play by.

Huckberry show the ‘Marine roll’, a handy space-saving technique

Rolling your clothes, rather than folding them, is a great spacing technique. Bring lightweight pieces that can seamlessly turn your outfit from day to night, which can include jewellery or a nice jacket. Leaving your heavy toiletries behindand travelling with product samplesis a great way to reduce baggage weight too –remember, you won’t get more than 100ml through airport security anyway.

​Most airlines will let you check in for your flight using your smart device and the airline’s app. From there you can download your boarding pass to your phone and head straight to security and to your boarding gate, which means there’s no need to do any printing – or queuing.

2. Staying thereIt can be easy to jump in and book a run-of-the-mill hotel with a recognisable name and reputation. But choosing quirky or unusual accommodationcan add a fun new dimension to your mini-trip. Be open to the idea of accommodation that pushes you alittle out of your comfort zone –it’s all part of the experience!

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facebookSHAREtwitterTWEETemailwhatsappIf you’re looking for that elusive complimentary upgrade, there are some strategic moves you can make to better position yourself to receive one.

Generally, the shorter the stay, the more likely the complimentary upgrade. If you politely enquire about a potential upgrade on an overnight stay,a hotel is more likely to say yes because they canre-sellyourpremium room for the rack rate the following morning – a room that may have stayed empty otherwise.

The golden rule – friendliness and politeness is crucial when it comes to the elusive room upgrade.

Time your check-in to be one of the first of the day, which usually means arriving late afternoon. Between 6pm and 8pm istypically a busy time for reception, and beating the rush means there’s more opportunity for you to forma rapport with the front desk, which can increase your chances of an upgrade. Don’t forget – politeness and friendliness will get you everywhere.

3. Being thereYou could do a lot of research beforehand about where to dine, drink and visit, but locals are usually the best resources for the secrets of the area. Ask reception when checking in about the tastiest restaurants, unique local attractions, hidden hikes and the best coffee in town. The people on the ground always know their home the best, and they’re usuallykeen to share their secrets.

Mindil Sunset Markets, Darwin

A great way to immerse yourself in a new place when you’re short on time is tohead along to local markets – particularly if your trip falls across a weekend. Local markets are bursting with the area’s best produce, arts and crafts and music and they are a great way to experience a breadth of culture in a short amount of time.

Top End Tandems are Darwin’s most experienced tandem skydiving crew

While you’re away, splurge on one thing. Whether it is purchasing a pair of designer sunglasses you absolutely love, or having one expensive dinner overlooking the ocean, or even screaming your way through an outdoor adventure activity like tandem skydiving– make one thing about your short trip away memorable and unique.

That way, you’ll have one main thing to take away from your trip and enjoy until it’s time for the next one!

This article is sponsored by Tourism NT